Words can conjure terrible power     Control Leave Them And yet be lost like dust     Baghdad Istanbul Dhaka

Spent the weekend drunk and in mourning Switchbacking between numbness and fury Now it’s Monday and morning And all I keep hearing  Is the sound of a tin drum

It’s that time. The last days of our travels and time to return to Europe. I’m not sure it’s sunk in yet that the world wide wander is coming to an end – it seems just another flight to another country and another stopover like so many we have taken over the last 11 months. […]

By accident or through bad planning we have followed winter around the world. Whilst it can be strange being wrapped in layers whilst friends in the UK are enjoying a heat wave there is something to be said for travelling off season. It wasn’t our intention to spend a year in the cold and neither […]

We’ve travelled to some pretty remote places over the last few months and it always makes me think…would this be a good place to hideout when the zombie apocalypse strikes? So, here are my top 5 places to get away from it all and enjoy a zombie free post apocalypse. 5 – Deer Island, Japan […]

One of the joys of travel is having time to read….often a LOT of time. I’m a pretty slow reader and although I go through phases of reading work and tv often ends up taking over. In a normal year I would probably get through six or seven books. But with all the down time […]

‘Authentic’ is one of those words that gets bandied about a lot by tour operators and on travel sites. The search for ‘authentic’ travel experiences has become a kind of holy grail quest amongst backpackers – casual conversations in hostels often descend into a top trumps style game of one up manship on who has […]

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Stroke and visual impairment

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"A less elegant weapon for a less civilized age."