Quick bit about me and this blog. I was a Director at Makewaves – a social learning platform for schools. Now I am taking time out to travel through India, Vietnam, Japan and South America with my partner Ana.

After little work-life balance for the last few years the general plan is to make things a little simpler and see what new opportunities arise or return with a fresh wind.

I don’t have any plans on what will be written here as yet but will post photos and ideas as they surface or are found.

All suggestions/comments/links etc welcome.

I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr in varying degrees:
Twitter @cliffmanning
Flickr kuduphoto

Willy Fog conmochila

La aventura está a punto de comenzar


Stroke and visual impairment

The Lone Frontman

"A less elegant weapon for a less civilized age."

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