Birds of India

One of the highlights of visiting India for me has been all the different birds. From the first days in Delhi with clouds of ominous black kites to a jewel coloured kingfisher in kerala it’s been a joy to spot and watch lots of new feathered friends.
Here is a list of what I’ve seen – I have used my own classification system using a ‘say what you see approach’ – it’s not exactly scientific but it is pretty accurate.


Birds I have seen

A bright blue kingfisher
A brown kingfisher
Lots of black birds
Small brown round ones with white circles round their eyes
Tiny brown bird on bush – bee catcher I think
White stalks
Cormorants large and small
A Woodpecker
Green parrots
Lots of Kites
A type of Black bird with orange beak
Wading bird with thin red legs
Noisy Crows
White doves
A Red whiskered bulbul
Chickens of various kinds
Peacock on a electricity pylon
Big White headed vulture things


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  1. no partridge in a pear tree? Tsk

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