On making lemonade

April the first will mark six months since we set off on the road. It’s been a wonder-filled whirl of a time – a whole half year of memories and moments. We still have another six months travelling planned but when spending hour after hour on hellish, high-altitude hairpin buses in South America my thoughts inevitably switchback between imminent gorge plunge death and to what will be when we finally get off the bus.

Every month or so I have a moment of blinding panic about crash landing back into a reality composed of no job, no savings and being too old for a paper round.

Often it’s easy to push back and imagine it will all work out swimmingly, magically – with no effort at all. It’s especially easy from the soft swing of a hammock in a warm gin sunset. Other times it’s just stark visions in VHS of scratching on the dole and cold winter bitterness!

But the truth always lies somewhere in between. No doubt times will be tough, but one thing I’ve discovered in the last six months is how quickly it’s possible to adapt to change. Making the most of what’s available is essential to stay sane whilst travelling. Otherwise you just wouldn’t sleep, eat or get on a bus.

Hopefully, it’s this experience as much as anything that will make the return less of a crash out of some detached bubble and more just another change to adapt to – something to experience, be thankful for and make the most of.

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