The end of the beginning…

It’s that time. The last days of our travels and time to return to Europe.

I’m not sure it’s sunk in yet that the world wide wander is coming to an end – it seems just another flight to another country and another stopover like so many we have taken over the last 11 months. I think it may be another 11months before it does sink in fully.

Some people have asked if travelling has changed my life. I’m not sure it has in that way.

Travelling to new countries has been a wonderful adventure, filled with fun, learning and incredible sights but I’m not sure the travelling itself has changed my world or way so much – although maybe it’s just to early to see how.

What I do know for sure is that our lives did change a lot in order for us to go travelling in the first place. Giving up jobs and houses, downsizing, getting fit – these were all big changes that happened months before we actually took off and the mental process started way before then.

For me, the travel to new places has always been a means to an end – an impetus and catalyst for re-prioritising work, life, stuff and things and generally getting a healthier balance – the sights and adventures along the way are a massive and memorable bonus but the change was as much in the commitment as the action.

It will be strange to not spend my days posting hundreds of photos, scouring trip advisor for hotels or deciphering maps and local customs. I’m sure that once the novelty of home comforts has worn off, being in one place for an extended time will be a challenge. But hopefully it’s something I can face with some grace and humour and not let bitterness and envy cloud my memories and blind me to the possibilities of new adventurers in less ‘exotic’ locales.

However, having said that we’re not coming to a complete stop just yet.

For the next month or so we will (attempt to) walk the Camino De Santiago – an 800km pilgrimage route from France, across the north of Spain to Santiago de Compostela. Walking every day for a month seems a fitting way to wind down, reflect and prepare for the next chapter of whatever it is that comes next.

So, it may be the end of the ‘exotic’ but it’s not the end of everything and instead it’s the beginning of something new – what that is we’ll work out as we walk…

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