We get back on the chicken buses this week for a journey into the mountains in search of Machu Picchu. We are in Peru for another week or so but it feels like we are leaving now as the next main stops will be the much more westernised tourist hotspots of Cusco and Puno. However, […]

For the last month we’ve been helping out at a community project in Huancayo way up in the Andes of Central Peru. I’m not sure how much I have helped the children but I’ve learned a lot. Huancayo is the fifth largest city in Peru but with it’s rugged location and a troubled past it […]

One of the aspects of South America I’m enjoying a lot are the markets. Bustling and bursting with colour and clear sunshine the markets are great for gathering photos – as well as lots of tasty fruit and veg. I mostly just take shots from hip level without focus or framing so it can be […]

April the first will mark six months since we set off on the road. It’s been a wonder-filled whirl of a time – a whole half year of memories and moments. We still have another six months travelling planned but when spending hour after hour on hellish, high-altitude hairpin buses in South America my thoughts […]

I definitely pack too much for travel. Quite a lot of my bag is filled with extra clothes and random bits I probably don’t need. However, there are some things which have proved their usefulness over and over again. If you’re considering a long trip here are the top ten things that I wouldn’t leave […]

Wherever I go I often see posters for lost pets, people and things. No matter the country or what is lost they all have a similar style – an international design lexicon for lost. Here are a few I have collected from around the world. Some are funny, some intriguing and some simply heartbreaking. Madrid […]

Someone asked me the other day if I’ve gone “off the grid” whilst away. Apart from a few days here and there we’ve had some sort of internet connection wherever we’ve been. I sometimes think that I should feel bad about this. There is a view of going travelling that is about escape; casting off […]

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